Install Oracle Form 10g

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At first Install oracle database

Install oracle jdk 6

Download oracle 10g developer suite and rename folder as dev_10g

Must Login windows as administrator

To set vertual memory go to environment variable ->top setting->advance->change->uncheck automatically manage-> check custom->16000 to 32000->set->ok->ok

To set windows compatible go to dev_10g folder->disk1->setup.exe->rightclick->properties->compatibility->select windows pack->next->complete pack->name:DevSuiteHome,path as d:/DevSuiteHome

To sove warning go to app/oracle_19c and rename networking folder

To set instance user:ias_admin pass:ias_admin1 if want

delete ORACLE_HOME from environment variavle

set up TNS_ADMIN='D:\DevSuiteHome_1\newwork\admin' instead of app/oracle_19c/network/admin from environment variavle

UPDATE PATH AS 'D:\DevSuiteHome_1\bin from environment variavle and reset path order or oracle as follows:


note: to run database command double click on sqlplus.exe from the location:app/oracle_19c/bin  and run sqlplus 

tutorial link:Form 10g tns setup also follow as bellow

go to D:\DevSuiteHome_1\newwork\admin and rename tnsnames.ora as tnsnames_back.ora

 c>user-name:sys as sysdba                                
 sql>show user; 
 sql>alter pluggable database all open; 
 sql>COLUMN name FORMAT a20; 
 sql>SELECT name, con_id FROM v$pdbs;  // to get component id of pluggable database
 sql>SELECT name as "Service_name" from v$active_services WHERE con_id =3;  //  to get service name of pluggable database component id

go to start -> oracle devepment suit -> net configuration assistent-> local net configuration option check ->add service name ->add tcl-> test login with username and pass->next ->next->finis. then automatically create tnsnames.ora 

if appear ora-12154:tns:could not resolve the identifier specifier means tns setup error then add the following code on both forn and database

sqlnet.ora =>

names.directory_path =(ldap,tnsnames,ezconnect,onames,hostname)
go to toad and connect container as sys and alter passwors as follows: =>

alter user xxxxx identified by xxxxx;

go to start/oracle developement suite - devSuite ->start OC4J start -> more ->location ->start OC4J start->send to desktop and Forms Builder->send to desktop and Forms Compiler->send to desktop

go to desktop ->double click on OC4j

go to desktop ->double click on form builder if appear form then ok

Install safari 5.1.0 browser

from oracle form builder ->edit->preference -> runtime ->click on create default server url and copy(http://SDI-Uzzal:8889/forms/frmservlet) and save the url

from oracle form builder ->edit->preference -> runtime ->set default browser url as:C:\Program Files (x86)\Safari\Safari.exe and click on ok

browse the url:http://SDI-Uzzal:8889/forms/frmservlet from safary then oracle form will show

to check connection go to oracle form builder->connect then enter the following info


if connect then ok

if appear ora-12154:tns:could not resolve the identifier specifier means tns setup error

After connect at the time of running form if occur login windows then run the following command

cms>conn sys as sysdba
sql> show parameter cas
sql>alter system set sec_case_sensitive_logon=false;

to show compile form goto D:\DevSuiteHome_1\jinit\jinit.exe and double on exe

to show large form goto D:\DevSuiteHome_1\forms\server\formweb.cfg and set with and height value


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