HTML Elements

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Element Name Code
Whole document <html> </html>
Document body <body> </body>
Heading <h1> Heading </h1>
Paragraph <p> Paragraph </p>
Empty Elements <br/>
Formatting <b> Bold text </b>
<strong> Important text </strong>
<i> Italic text </i>
<em> Emphasized text </em>
<mark> Marked text </mark>
<small> Small text </small>
<del> Deleted text </del>
<ins> Inserted text </ins>
<sub> Subscript text </sub>
<sup> Superscript text </sup>
Quotations <q> Short Quotations </q>
<blockquote> Blockquote Quotations </blockquote>
Hyperlinks <a href="url"> link text </a>
Images <img src="pulpitrock.jpg">
Tables <table >
<th>Name </th> <th>Address </th> <th>Age </th>
<td>UKM </td> <td>Bangladesh </td> <td>50 </td>
</table >

With cell span and row span
<table >
<th>Name </th> <th>Address </th> <th>Age </th>
<td rowspan="2">UKM </td> <td colspan="2">Bangladesh 30 </td>
<td>India </td> <td>40 </td>
</table >

List Unorder List
<ul type="A">
<li>Dhaka </li>
Order List
<ol type="1">
<li>Dhaka </li>
Description List
<dt>Dhaka </dt>
<dd>Mirpur </dd>
Block Block-level Elements

A block-level element always starts on a new line and takes up the full width available.List is bellows:

<div>, <p>, <h1-h5>, <address>, <article>, <aside>, <blockquote>, <canvas>, <dd>, <dl>, <dt>, <fieldset>, <figcaption>, <figure>, <footer>, <form>, <header>, <hr>, <ul>, <ol>, <li>, <main>, <nav>, <pre>, <section>, <table>, <video>
, Inline Elements

An inline element does not start on a new line and only takes up as much width as necessary.

All element of html are inline element besides block-level elements.

Form The form element defines a form that is used to collect user input
<form name="user" > </form >
Form Elements <input type="text" name="first_name" value="" >
<input type="password" name="password" value="" >
<input type="reset" name="reset" value="" >
<input type="checkbox" name="check" value="" checked >Dhaka
<input type="radio" name="check" value="" checked >Dhaka
<select name="first_name" value="" > <option value="dhaka"> Dhaka </option > </select >
<textarea name="message" rows="10" cols="30" ></textarea >
<button type="button" ></button >
<button type="submit" ></button >

Iframe <iframe src="demo_iframe.htm" height="200" width="300"> </iframe>

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