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Sl Module Name Type Funtionality Comment
1 Pathologic (VVI) Module Helps avoid broken links and incorrect paths in content and create page link  
2 pathauto Module Automatically control page link  
3 Views (VVI) Module Create customized lists, latest news,feature list, scroll news using content type  
4 HTML Mail Module Enables HTML in system emails.  
5 Mail System Module Provides a user interface for per-module and site-wide mail_system selection.  
6 Dynamic display block Module Displays dynamic content in a block.  
7 Menu Block Module Provides configurable blocks of menu items  
8 Nice Menus Module CSS/jQuery drop-down, drop-right and drop-left menus to be placed in blocks  
9 Site map Module Display a site map  
10 jCarousel Module Create jQuery-based carousel rotators.  
11 Lightbox2 Module Enables Lightbox2 for Drupal  
12 Lightbox2 Module Enables Lightbox2 for Drupal  
13 Features Module Provides feature management for Drupal.  
14 ThemeKey Module Map themes to Drupal paths or object properties.  
15 ctools(CHAOS TOOL SUITE) Module Shows how to use the power of Chaos AJAX.  
16 Libraries Module Allows version dependent and shared usage of external libraries.  
17 locationmap Module To use gmap  
18 custom_search Module To use custom search  
19 cck(Content Construction Kit) Module To add custom field on various content type(page,node)  
20 acl(User Access Control) Module To use custom acl  
21 seo_friend Module For seo  
22 token Module -  
23 contact Module To contact by mail  
24 gallery Module For image gallery  
25 talttomd Module Live chat  
26 upload_image Module To upload image  
27 breadcrumb Module To control breadcrumb  
28 link Module Any links can be easily added to any content types and profiles and include advanced validating and different ways of storing internal or external links and URLs.  
29 modal_forms Module For modal view  
30 views_infinite_scroll Module For scroling news of content  

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