Drupal 8 Consol Command List

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Cache Command

Rebuild and clear all site caches

drupal cache:rebuild

Rebuilds all caches

drupal cr all

Rebuild discovery cache

drupal cr discovery

Module Commands

Display current modules available for application

drupal module:debug

Download module or modules in application

drupal module:download

Install module or modules in the application

drupal module:install

Uninstall module or modules in the application

drupal module:uninstall

Image Commands

List image styles on the site

drupal image:styles:debug

Execute flush function by image style or execute all flush images styles

drupal image:styles:flush

User Commands

Displays current users for the application

drupal user:debug

Delete users for the application

drupal user:delete

Clear failed login attempts for an account

drupal user:login:clear:attempts

Returns a one-time user login url.

drupal user:login:url

Generate a hash from a plaintext password.

drupal user:password:hash

Reset password for a specific user.

drupal user:password:reset

Generate Commands

Generate an Authentication Provider

drupal generate:authentication:provider

Generate commands for the console

drupal generate:command

Generate & Register a controller

drupal generate:controller

Generate the DrupalConsole.docset package for Dash

drupal generate:doc:dash


drupal generate:doc:data

Generate documentations for Commands

drupal generate:doc:gitbook

Generate a new content type (node / entity bundle)

drupal generate:entity:bundle

Generate a new config entity

drupal generate:entity:config

Generate a new content entity

drupal generate:entity:content

Generate an event subscriber

drupal generate:event:subscriber

Generate a new "FormBase"

drupal generate:form

Generate an implementation of hook_form_alter() or hook_form_FORM_ID_alter

drupal generate:form:alter

Generate a new "ConfigFormBase"

drupal generate:form:config

Generate a module

drupal generate:module

Generate module permissions

drupal generate:permissions

Generate a plugin block

drupal generate:plugin:block

Generate CKEditor button plugin.

drupal generate:plugin:ckeditorbutton

Generate a plugin condition.

drupal generate:plugin:condition

Generate field type, widget and formatter plugins

drupal generate:plugin:field

Generate field formatter plugin.

drupal generate:plugin:fieldformatter

Generate field type plugin

drupal generate:plugin:fieldtype

Generate field widget plugin.

drupal generate:plugin:fieldwidget

Generate image effect plugin

drupal generate:plugin:imageeffect

Generate image formatter plugin.

drupal generate:plugin:imageformatter

Generate a plugin mail

drupal generate:plugin:mail

Generate plugin rest resource

drupal generate:plugin:rest:resource

Generate a plugin rule action

drupal generate:plugin:rulesaction

Generate a plugin type with annotation discovery

drupal generate:plugin:type:annotation

Generate a plugin type with Yaml discovery

drupal generate:plugin:type:yaml

Generate a custom plugin view field.

drupal generate:plugin:views:field

Generate a profile.

drupal generate:profile

Generate a RouteSubscriber

drupal generate:routesubscriber

Generate service

drupal generate:service

Generate a theme

drupal generate:theme

Cron Commands

List of modules implementing a cron

drupal cron:debug

Execute cron implementations by module or execute all crons

drupal cron:execute

Release cron system lock to run cron again

drupal cron:release

Theme Commands

Displays current themes for the application

drupal theme:debug

Download theme in application

drupal theme:download

Install theme or themes in the application

drupal theme:install

Uninstall theme or themes in the application

drupal theme:uninstall

Views Commands

Display current views resources for the application

drupal views:debug

Disable a View

drupal views:disable

Enable a View

drupal views:enable

Display current views plugins for the application

drupal views:plugins:debug

Translation Commands

Clean up translation files

drupal translation:cleanup

Determine pending translation string in a language or a specific file in a language

drupal translation:pending

Generate translate stats

drupal translation:stats

Sync translation files

drupal translation:sync

Site Commands

List all known local and remote sites.

drupal site:debug

Import/Configure an existing local Drupal project

drupal site:import:local

Install a Drupal project

drupal site:install

Switch site into maintenance mode

drupal site:maintenance

Switch system performance configuration

drupal site:mode

Create a new Drupal project

drupal site:new

Show the current statistics of website.

drupal site:statistics

View current Drupal Installation status

drupal site:status

Database Commands

Launch a DB client if it's available

drupal database:client

Shows DB connection

drupal database:connect

Drop all tables in a given database.

drupal database:drop

Dump structure and contents of a database

drupal database:dump

Remove events from DBLog table, filters are available

drupal database:log:clear

Display current log events for the application

drupal database:log:debug

Restore structure and contents of a database.

drupal database:restore

Show all tables in a given database.

drupal database:table:debug

Create Commands

Create dummy comments for your Drupal 8 application.

drupal create:comments

Create dummy nodes for your Drupal 8 application.

drupal create:nodes

Create dummy terms for your Drupal 8 application.

drupal create:terms

Create dummy users for your Drupal 8 application.

drupal create:users

Create dummy vocabularies for your Drupal 8 application.

drupal create:vocabularies

Miscellaneous Commands

Display basic information about Drupal Console project

drupal about

Chain command execution

drupal chain

System requirement checker

drupal check

Displays help for a command

drupal help

Copy configuration files to user home directory

drupal init

Lists all available commands

drupal list

Update project to the latest version.

drupal self-update

Runs PHP built-in web server

drupal server

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