3.9 built-in Module List

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Sl Module Name Type Funtionality Comment
1 Breadcrumbs Frontend Defiine menu hiararchi in frontend  
2 Main Menu Frontend Create multiple type menu to show on frontend  
3 Login Form Frontend Create login form  
4 Login Backend Create login form  
5 Popular Articles Backend-Frontend Show popular article  
6 Recently Added Articles Backend-Frontend Show Added article  
7 Toolbar Backend Control admin tool bar  
8 Quick Icons Backend This module shows Quick Icons that are visible on the Control Panel  
9 Logged-in Users Backend-Frontend This module shows a list of the Logged-in Users  
10 Admin Menu Backend This module displays an administrator menu module  
11 Admin Submenu Backend This module shows the Sub-Menu Navigation Module  
12 User Status Backend-Frontend This module shows the status of the logged-in users and various shortcut links  
13 Title Backend This module shows the Toolbar Component Title  
14 Multilanguage status Backend-Frontend This module shows the status of the multilingual parameters  
15 Joomla Version Backend This module displays the Joomla! version  
16 Sample Data Backend This Module allows to install sample data  
17 Latest Actions Backend This module shows a list of the most recent actions  
18 Privacy Dashboard Backend The Privacy Dashboard Module shows information about privacy requests  

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