Java Architecture

By ukmodak | March 31st 2024 10:34:01 AM | viewed 458 times
  • In java architecture, there is the process of compilation and interpretation
  • All Java codes are converted into byte codes by the Java Compiler.
  • These byte codes converted into machine code by the Java Virtual Machine
  • The Machine code is executed directly by the machine in which the Java program runs.
  • Hence, there is the Java Architecture

How is Java Platform Independent?

  • The Java compiler compiles the source code and converts it into bytecode. This bytecode is stored in class files.
  • Each platform has its own unique JVM
  • The process of interpreting the bytecode by the JVM and converting it into machine code is same for all JVMs regardless of the platforms
  • This makes Java Platform independent. Let us understand this with a diagram.


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