Android UI Element

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Android UI Element

Android common element

There are follows type common element as follows

  1. TextView-- to define text field
  2. Button-- to add button action
  3. ImageView to view image as pictute
  4. RecycleView-- to view item on horizontal or vertical
  5. Fragment-- to divide layout into many part
  6. ScrollView to view item in scrolling as image gallery
  7. Switch--

Android text element

There are follows type text element as follows

  1. TextView--to define text field
  2. Plain Text--to define text
  3. Password--to define password field
  4. Password(Numeric)--to define password field
  5. E-mail--to define email field
  6. Phone--to define phone field
  7. Postal Address--to define postal field
  8. Multiline text--to view text
  9. time--to define time field
  10. date--to define date field
  11. Number--to define number field
  12. Number (Signed)--to define number field
  13. Number (Decimal)--to define number field
  14. AutocompleteTextview--to define auto complete text
  15. MultiAutocompleteTextview--to define auto complete text and get multiple result
  16. CheckedTextView--to define check box
  17. TextInputLayout--

Android button element

There are follows type button element as follows

  1. Button--to add button action
  2. ImageButton--to add button action on image
  3. ChipGroup--
  4. Chip--
  5. Checkbox--to add checkbox action
  6. RadioGroup--to add radio group action
  7. RadioButtonto add radio button action
  8. ToggleButton--to add tru/false action on button
  9. Switch--
  10. FormatingActionButton--

Android widget element

There are follows type widget element as follows

  1. View-- any field/button are called view
  2. ImageView--to view image as pictute
  3. WebView--to view webpage content
  4. VideoView--to view video
  5. CalenderView--to view calender
  6. ProgressBar--to view progress bar
  7. ProgressBar(Horizontal)--to view progress bar
  8. SeekBar--
  9. SeekBar(Discrete)--
  10. RatingBar--
  11. SearchView--to search content
  12. TextuteView--
  13. SurfaceView--
  14. Horizontal Divider--
  15. Vertical Divider--

Android layout

There are follows type layout as follows

  1. ContraintLayout-- to add responsive within this layout
  2. Guideline(horizontal/vertical)--
  3. LinearLayout(horizontal/vertical)--to add vertica and horizontal with in this layout
  4. FramLayout-- to include any page with in this layout
  5. TableLayout--to view tabular data
  6. TableRow ---
  7. Space

Android container element

There are follows type container element as follows

  1. Spinner-- to view spinner
  2. RecycleView--to view item on horizontal or vertical
  3. ScrollView--to view item in scrolling as image gallery
  4. HorizontalScrollView--
  5. NestedScrollView--
  6. ViewPager-- pagination
  7. CardView--
  8. AppBarLayout--
  9. BottomAppBar--
  10. NavigationView--
  11. BottomNavigationView--
  12. ToolBar
  13. TabLayout
  14. TabItem
  15. ViewStub
  16. include
  17. fragment
  18. NavHostFragment
  19. view
  20. RequestFocus

Android google element

There are follows type google element as follows

  1. AddView--
  2. MapView-- to view google map

Android legacy element

There are follows type legacy element as follows

  1. GridLayout-- to view grid layout
  2. ListView--to view list item
  3. TabHost
  4. RelativeLayout to view any field in vertical
  5. GridView-- to view item in grid

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