Nodejs Installation

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A user account with administrator privileges (or the ability to download and install software)

Access to the Windows command line (search > cmd > right-click > run as administrator) OR Windows PowerShell (Search > Powershell > right-click > run as administrator)


Download the windows version from the link

Verify Installation

Go to cmd and run the following command

node –v
npm –v

How to Uninstall Node.js and NPM on Windows

Click the Start button > Settings (gear icon) > Apps.

Scroll down to find Node.js and click to highlight.

Select Uninstall. This launches a wizard to uninstall the software.

The NodeJS Modules

Express: This is a web framework for NodeJS that’s perfect for managing http request, creating middlewares, routing endpoints, etc. We will use it to expose the information of the application.

Axios: A veeeery nice module that I love to use to communicate to other APIs is a very simple, promise based HTTP client called Axios. You can use it to make very simple requests (like, just GET or POST requests), and also, make more complex implementations that send specific custom headers, configure timeouts, authentication, proxys, etc.

Sequalize: This is a promise based ORM for NodeJS that you can use to model and access data from different databases (MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite). So here you can manage migrations, queries, transactions, seeds and a lot more.

PM2: This tool helps you to manage Node apps processes in production environment.

ShipitJS: Deployment automation tool (a Capistrano alternative for NodeJS developers).


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