3.9 virtumart builtin component module plugin list

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Sl Module Name Type Funtionality Comment
1 Virtumart Component  
2 Virtumart AIO Component To update virtumart plugin table  
3 VM - Shopping car Module Displays a shopping cart for your customers.  
4 VM - Search in Shop Module This Module is to search Product on your VirtueMart Shop  
5 VM - Featured products Module Displays: Featured, Best Sales, Random, Latest or Recently Viewed products  
6 VM - Category Module Displays a 2 level categories list.  
7 VM - Currencies Selector Module This module is used to convert the price depending on the currency selected in your VirtueMart shop  
8 VM - Manufacturer Module Displays manufacturers from VirtueMart  
9 VM - Administrator Module Module VirtueMart Administrator Menu Module  
10 VirtueMart Product Plugin Allows searching of VirtueMart products including custom fields  
11 VM Calculation - Avalara Tax Plugin VM - Calculation Avalara Tax; On demand tax calculation for whole U.S.A  
12 VM Custom - Customer text input Plugin text input plugin for product  
13 VM Custom - Product specification Plugin VMCustom - specification; text input plugin for produc  
14 VM Payment - PayPal Plugin PayPal  
15 VM Payment - 2Checkout Plugin 2Checkout is a popular payment provider and available in many countries.  
16 VM Payment - Pay with Amazon Plugin AMAZON PAY plugin  
17 VM Payment - Realex HPP & API Plugin Realex HPP and API  
18 VM Payment - Sofort Banking/Ɯberweisung Plugin Sofort is a popular payment provider and available in many countries.  
19 VM Payment - Sofort iDeal Plugin Sofort is a popular payment provider and available in many countries.  
20 VM Payment - Klarna Plugin Klarna VirtueMart Payment Plugin  
21 VM Payment - Paybox Plugin Paybox  
22 VM Payment - Heidelpay Plugin Heidelpay  
23 VM Payment - Skrill Plugin skrill is a popular payment provider authorised by the Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom (FSA).  
24 VM Payment - Klikandpay Plugin klikandpay  
25 VM Payment - Standard Plugin Standard  
26 VM Payment - KlarnaCheckout Plugin Standard  
27 VM Payment - Authorize.net Plugin Authorize.net AIM  
28 VM Shipment - By weight, ZIP and countries Plugin By weight, ZIP and countries  
29 VM UserField - Realex HPP & API Plugin Realex_hpp_api  

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