How to create grails project

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Download grails library and extract and rename like grails2.5.6

Copy grails2.5.6 and past on root of C drive


Download jdk latest version and install in c:\programme_file\java

Go to environment set from my computer add environment variable as JAVA_HOME AND VALUE C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_111

add another environment variable as GRAILS_HOME AND VALUE c:\grails2.5.6

and set as GRAILS_HOME AND VALUE C:\grails2.5.6\bin;


To check java version go to start->run and input cmd and enter

type c:\user\ukmodak>java -version. if show version name then java setup ok

again type c:\user\ukmodak>grails -version. if show version name then grails setup ok


Go to start->run:cmd and type d: enter and cd type grailsproject

type grails create-app projectname enter

type cd projectname enter

type grails

type run-app

This will create grails basic project


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