React Command

By ukmodak | April 29th 2021 06:09:08 AM | viewed 186 times

Install the package on any drive from Download the windows version link Download Nodejs and NPM

  • node –v // to check nodejs is install]
  • npm –v // to check npm is install ]
  • projectName> mkdir frontend_reactjs
  • projectName>cd frontend_reactjs
  • frontend_reactjs> npm init -y //to create package.json file
  • frontend_reactjs>npm install react react-dom --save // to install react react-dom module
  • frontend_reactjs>npm install react-router-dom --save // to install react-router-dom module
  • projectName>npm start // to start react server
  • projectName>npm build // to build react project to upload on remote server
  • projectName> touch index.html // to create a file
  • projectName>npm install react-bootstrap--save // to install react-bootstrap module
  • projectName>npm install react-i18next i18next --save // to install language module
  • projectName>npm install i18next-http-backend i18next-browser-languagedetector --save
  • projectName>npm install react-datepicker --save
  • projectName>npm install react-clear-cache --save